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If you're interested in working in one of our films, connect with us on our Facebook page(Contact) . Always looking to work with new people, crew or actors.

Some notes below on what we look for...

Actors/Actresses - your resume should contain movie/play performances that you've been in and whether it was a principal role (main character), a speaking role (you at least spoke) or if you have extra or stand-in experience. Even if you have no experience, you could jot down for us, your interest in the movie industry and why you think you have the ability to act.

DO NOT SEND PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS PLEASE. - professional meaning you had a photographer with a really big camera, take your best glamour pose just before enhancing it in Photoshop. We are not looking for magazine models. We need to see your recent mug shot, as plain as possible under ideal (natural) light without a flash, taken by a cheap digital camera or cell phone.

CREW: Send us a simple text document of your work experience on a set. If you have none, then just give us a brief rundown of what your interested in doing for the movie business. It would help us if you have some understanding of the various positions and what they are responsible for. Please do some 'Googling' first.

Investors -  no resume required; just money. We do have future opportunities for investors to invest but for now we have to be honest, there's no money to be made on our short films. It's pure academic for us right now.

- Brian McAllister